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As an employer, finding the right team can be difficult. The only thing that is harder than building a perfect team is trying to maintain one. For this reason, it is vital to keep your employees content and focused so they stay with you and strive for the same goals you have. There are a variety of ways to accomplish that objective. 

One thing that people are constantly keeping an eye on is the current pay rate of their peers. With websites like Glassdoor ad Indeed, it’s possible to estimate a salary in the modern-day job market, based on skill levels, industry, and experience. As a boss, it’s important to stay competitive so you don’t lose team members to your competition. 

A pleasing environment can boost creativity and morale. You always want to set the stage for your staff to look forward to coming to work, and that means giving them a place they can feel both safe and comfortable. Choosing the right paint color is an inexpensive yet powerful enhancement for any workplace environment. It can be completed quickly and with minimal effort. In addition, you can try setting aside a food and drink budget for in-office snacks as a fun and friendly way to show you care. As an added bonus, it will also keep employees from potentially stepping outside in order to seek refreshment, which translates to more time spent together as a group. Communal dining spaces also naturally encourage conversation and a sense of camaraderie, so create a relaxing lounge area for employees to take a relaxation break. 

Creativity needs plenty of space to grow, just as much as the guidance of a mentor’s hand. The worst thing you can do as a boss is to stifle peoples’ creative ideas by hovering nearby and micromanaging them. It is very hard to trust your instincts and feel like it’s ok to set out of bounds to express yourself if you feel eyes over your shoulder constantly. In addition, people will only follow a leader if they respect them, and nothing loses respect as much as not doing any work of your own in lieu of monitoring others. 

Another way to inspire your team is by encouraging collaboration and by not punishing failure. When an employee doesn’t reach a goal, they need encouragement and support in learning from their mistakes so they can grow and do better next time.