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The working population of the world is comprised of a growing number of millennials. With this influx in younger workers comes a change in how a company runs the business and management. Millennials have different expectations of company culture than their older generation of workers, influenced by technology and social media, mostly. While not all millennials are the same, adapting the management processes to cater to this growing population of workers is in best practice for the future. 


Work-Life Balance is Key

Having grown up with the digital era, Millennials are experts in mobilization. They can work anywhere, at any time, and prefer not to be confined to an in-office 40-hour workweek. Millennials desire a balance between work and personal life and appreciate incentives like flexible hours, work from home opportunities, and integrating personal hobbies into their jobs. They work well with multitasking and can produce desirable results when they are not tied to older office standards. 


Create a Fun Culture

More and more, companies are listing job ads in online classifieds websites and intentionally including information about their workplace and culture. Millennials thrive in an environment where the company values line up with their own, and the ‘all work and no play’ mentality is tossed aside. What attracts millennials to a job and retains them are altruistic values, a light-hearted atmosphere, and a relaxed environment. 


Take Advantage of Technology

Millennials have been immersed in technology and trends since they can remember. They are more connected to their phones and social profiles than any generation before them. While some older generations may find this to be a burden, it can actually be advantageous for a company. The companies that are thriving these days are the ones that have a strong, if not stronger, of an online presence than they do in person. Tech-savvy millennials come into a job with a wealth of tech knowledge and are willing to learn what they don’t know. 


Avoid Stagnation

A generation that is constantly on the move, Millennials tend to get bored with tiresome or mundane tasks. They are full of long term goals, but not so much the patience to wait to achieve these. The generation expects to be able to see the path to reaching their goals, and if they do not feel as though they will move within the company, they will likely not stay long. Seeking feedback from millennials on possible changes and improvements that can be made, and implementing them throughout the company, will benefit all parties involved.