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Mentoring involves offering guidance to more junior staff, helping them work through problems, and assisting them in establishing their careers. The benefits of mentoring for mentees are well established with higher rates of job productivity and promotion. Mentoring someone can take a lot of time and effort, but a mentorship relationship is not one-sided. Mentors reap many rewards beyond personal fulfillment. These are some of the top career benefits of being a mentor.

Expanded Professional Network

Within a mentor relationship, both the mentor and mentee can expand their network. If the mentee is within the industry but has a different specialty, then the mentor can create networks within this area. More successful mentors see their mentees rise within the company and industry. As their mentees make more relationships doing this, mentors have reciprocal opportunities to expand their networks. Mentors can help mentees meet new people, but it also works oppositely. Mentors can view this as an investment in the future of their professional network and as a way to expand their skills.

Enhanced Professional Skills

To be a good mentor, they must be able to listen, problem-solve, and think critically. Mentors have to understand the professional problems of their mentees, devise possible solutions, relay information in a helpful manner, teach career skills, and encourage their mentees to keep progressing. Cultivating these skills and receiving feedback on development as a mentor can improve those skills more broadly in applying them to a mentor’s work and personal life too.

Increased Career Motivation

A role as a mentor can increase motivation at work outside of the mentoring relationship. Helping someone else changes how people feel about themselves and creates an attitude of positivity. Sharing stories of success at work can remind mentors of how much they have accomplished. Mentoring is also motivational because it breaks up the mundane aspects of a job and gives mentors an appreciation of their work beyond daily duties.


Mentors can benefit greatly from their relationships with their mentees. Taking on mentoring duties can boost careers for mentors and help them develop skills and keep learning. Instead of looking at mentoring as a drain for mentors and only a boon to mentees, these benefits show how much mentors have to gain as well.