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Lucas Lamport

Lead By Example

About Lucas Lamport

Success isn’t possible without leadership. Now, whether you’re the leader or the one being led — that’s a different story — but the fact remains that a lack of focus leads to chaos. Aristotle spoke a lot of telos, which is the end goal or primary aim of something or someone leaders must possess this and success in virtually impossible without a final aim.

Lucas Lamport, having built a career in medical sales and as the current Aesthetic Experience Manager at a health company, knows a thing or two about the importance of leadership. “For me”, he says, “it really has to be about honesty.” “I’ve seen the most success when I come to a business conversation with a clear end goal – there’s money on the table and I represent a product that can benefit you – let’s work together to make this happen.” It’s that sense of honesty that has made Lucas Lamport into the man and the business professional he is today – and it’s something he strives to grow at every single day.

Leadership maximizes efficiency and achieves organizational goals – something Lucas is well-versed in throughout his time in the industry. Prior to his role at Evolus, Lucas was a Senior Business Development Manager from 2016-2019. During his time in this role, he was ranked top regional sales representative and ranked #8 out of 296 – landing himself in the business’s President’s Club. He also worked as an Executive Sales Representative, and upon his departure from the company, he was ranked #3 out of 60 representatives.

Lucas Lamport has also worked as a District Sales Manager, where he was responsible for hiring and training a team of 9 sales representatives for a product launch in rheumatology and dermatology, as a Senior Sales Representative where, under his leadership, he increased territory sales volume by 23% in less than six months, and as a Senior Sales Professional. During his time that role, he was awarded Region Territory Manager of the Year and was inducted into the Circle of Excellence (Top 10%) in 2012. Before that, Lucas was an Executive Sales Representative where he received a series of awards, including Rookie of the Year, World Sales Champion, National Sales Champion (2006 & 2007), and World Sales Champion in 2009.

A Bit More on Lucas

A graduate of Baylor University (Magna Cum Laude, University Scholars Program), Lucas Lamport has dedicated himself to excellence and fostering a strong vision since day one. It’s true, “without a vision, the people perish”. Well, Lucas isn’t going to a part of that crowd. Be sure to follow along as Lucas Lamport shares insider tips and tricks and how to grow your skills as a leader!

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