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Traditional methods for training new hires can be expensive. Fortunately, there are alternatives that will help save your organization money and time. Here are some new hire training alternatives that won’t break the bank. 


Video Training

Using prerecorded videos for certain aspects of training can save your organization tons of time. Of course, video training can’t be substituted for all face-to-face communication, but it can be used for many of the fundamental aspects of job training. Make videos explaining rules and regulations, human resources information, and other basic policies and procedures. You don’t need to spend much money to create effective videos, and they will be invaluable every time your company hires someone new.


Job Shadowing

One of the most effective ways to teach a new hire is to allow them to shadow someone who is in the same position. Seeing the work being done firsthand usually trumps any manual or guide that they could read— and it doesn’t cost your company a dime. Be sure that the employee who is being shadowed has a superb work ethic, is an expert at their job, and is happy to help.


Vendor Training

It’s relatively unknown, but most companies can take advantage of free vendor training. For example, insurance brokers will often offer to do free training for your organization regarding workers’ compensation. By conducting this training, insurance companies can be sure that your company is informed and in compliance. Opt-in for free training whenever possible.


Team Teaching

If your organization does regular meetings, make sure that your new hires are present at each one and have your team members take turns teaching the group. Work to different team members’ strengths and make sure everyone participates. Over time, your new hires and seasoned employees will all hear from one another and learn how to approach their work in new ways.


Online Training

Another affordable and streamlined way to train new hires is to create an online training platform. It might be time-consuming to develop, but it will save everyone time once implemented. As new hires move through their training, assign seasoned employees who are available to check up on them and answer any questions that may come up along the way. 


Learning Lunches

Your company can also try to incorporate learning lunches. During these lunches, everyone gets together, eats lunch, and learns together. They can listen to one team member talk about a project they’ve been working on or a new program that’s going to be implemented. The atmosphere is comfortable and casual but still allows everyone to learn at the same time. New hires should always be present at learning lunches.


As you can see, there are plenty of alternatives to traditional new hire training methods. By implementing these ideas you will make training more cost-effective, efficient, and engaging for everyone.